Lost/Broken Replacement Warranty

Coverage for Lost or Broken shades can be made for the same style/color if supplies are available. If the style you request is sold out, you will have the option to choose a different style within the same series.

There is a processing fee of $8.89 for US replacements and $17.99 for International . Each pair can be replaced up to twice under the Lost/Broken Replacements Warranty. Original purchase must be verified by a team member for all manual replacement requests.
Only one pair can be replaced at a time. Multiple replacements need to be done through separate sessions.
Prescription: Loss coverage does not apply to prescription eyewear. Broken coverage applies to frames; lenses are covered with a one-year scratch warranty.
Covered if broken only (photo required): Snow Goggle, Snow Goggle lenses, React frames and lenses.
Excluded: Blue light, apparel, accessories, mystery pairs as well as products received through promotional events.
The warranty only covers orders through shadyrays.com, our official Amazon listings, and approved retailers - thereby excluding other re-sellers.

Craftmanship warranty

If your shades ever have an issue that is our fault such as a manufacturing defect or a problem that should not occur with normal use, we will replace your pair at absolutely no cost to you for life. There are no limits as to how many times a pair can be replaced under this warranty because we want to do everything that we can to make any craftsmanship issue right. This relates to all shades, snow goggles, and blue light glasses.
Prescription frames are covered under this lifetime craftsmanship warranty. Prescription lenses are covered by a one-year scratch warranty.